Indoor Air QualityIn spite of all technology advancement today, having cleaner air indoor is very hard to achieve. This is the most challenging activity that all al people should face. The environment is full of pollution coming from cars, factories, cigarettes, and other equipments. All of this pollution can invade your home and pollute the air quality. The quality of air inside your home is very important to people with breathing troubles such as asthma. Housewives can follow these simple tips to increase the quality of air inside your own home. Here are several tips that you can apply inside your home.

1. People should not neglect changing their air filters. This is one of the most important things to consider if you want to improve the quality of air inside your home. Heater and air conditioner attracts dust and other particles inside your home that can trigger allergies. Changing of air filters cannot only improve the quality of air but also improve the overall function of your heater and air conditioner. It increases the life of your heater and air conditioner. Avoid purchasing cheaper air filters because this kind of filter need to be change after 30 days unlike high quality filters that can last for several months.

2. Make sure that your home is properly ventilated top avoid accumulation of harmful particles inside your home. Home owners should ensure that your home is well ventilated. You should find other ways to make your home well ventilated. This is important to people with breathing problems. If you are doing task that increases air pollutants inside your home, you have to look for ways that can eliminate this air pollutants easily.

3. Apply solutions to minimize air contamination inside your home. Eliminating the use of cigarettes while inside the house can minimize contamination of the air inside your home. Second hand smoking can harm your health; it is proven that second hand smoking is more contagious than first hand smoking. Avoid using products and other materials that emits harmful elements like lead based pants, gas stoves, asbestos. All of these materials can harm your family’s health.

4. Make sure to clean your home regularly like cleaning your carpet regularly. You have to vacuum the floors everyday to eliminate dust and other particles invading your home. If you have pets at home, make sure to clean pet hair because it can cause instant allergic reactions to people with breathing problems.

5. The use of air cleaner has positive effect inside your home. Research several other tips to have a cleaner air environment inside your home or even inside your work place.

You may also hire a local duct cleaning company. They will inspect your home and provide cleaner enviro0nmenyt for your whole family. Before contacting any local duct cleaner, you should ask first if they offer air quality inspection and recommendation. Protect your family by having a cleaner air inside your home. Your family especially your kids will be more healthy and free of disease.

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