1949th year, in response to the Cominform resolution and increasing the chances of war with the USSR, the Communist Party of Yugoslavia established a “working administratively punished men / women socially useful work” on the island Goli, with the intention to isolate Stalin’s supporters on a remote island where, in the event of Soviet attack Alliance against Yugoslavia, can be easily liquidated.

Goli Island was supposed to be a socio-reformatory prison where prisoners will be seduced quickly repaired and returned to the communist party.

Over 90% of inmates on the island were process by “party punishment” without judgment and a certain length of sentence. Most inmates were Serbian or Montenegrin nationality.

Hot Rabbit

Hot Rabbit is sadistic ritual of “welcome” the newly arrived inmates in prison on Goli. The old prisoners would be set in two lines facing each other, and when new prisoner pass between them he would be spit on, beaten with fists,  feet… This method of torture is raised even mortality among a large number of new prisoners.  The essence of warm rabbit was not so much in the beatings, they were able to do the guards themselves, but to destroy the solidarity and camaraderie among the inmates.

By some estimates on the Hell Island in seven years of its existence, passed 40 000 to 60 000 inmates, of whom died or were killed between 5 000 and 15 000.