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8 Reasons to Avoid Bottled Water

Many people still believe that bottled water is better and healthier than tap water believing that it passes through many quality tests before it’s bottled. But that is just a myth. In this article we give you 9 reasons to avoid bottled water. 1. Bad for environment Using vast quantities of fossil fuels and water,

The True Cost of Bottled Water

There were times when bottled water didn’t exist. People thought it would be foolish to pay for something that can be aquired almost for free from the tap. In 1976 a French company Perrier started to sell sparkling water in charming emerald green glass bottles. This was a decadent product back then, in the era

Ways to Use Green Renewable Energy At Home

Renewable energy is increasingly becoming popular because of the innumerable environmental benefits, plus the high-energy cost & forever advancing technology is leading people to think about installing intelligent systems that work on renewable energy in their houses. Energy that is coal-powered is polluting as well as expensive, nuclear power is potentially dangerous, and then there

6 Myths and Facts About Environment

Many Myths about the environment have been created throughout the discussions between environmentalists and their opposition, mostly from the big corporations. Unfortunately, they leave people confused about environmental issues, making them think that it might be just a big hoax. In this article we try to confront some of these Myths with the actual facts.

China Plans to Spend $30 Billion in Water Resources Project !!!

According to China Daily, the Chinese government will spend around $30.10 billion (200 billion yuan) on water conservation projects next year, a tenth more compared do 2010. The newspaper said that the funds will be used on improving many water conservation facilities for mitigating disasters, providing safe drinking water for 60 million rural residents and