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How Can they be sure that Arctic Oil Spill Is not going to Occur?

Last week, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar unveiled new oil leases around the Gulf of Mexico with a excellent relationship with oil companies and his Department. These days, in speaking about Shell’s projects to drill in the Arctic, Salazar shows a frightening degree of some combination of naive and deference to Shell. Salazar suggested that it

Ways to Use Green Renewable Energy At Home

Renewable energy is increasingly becoming popular because of the innumerable environmental benefits, plus the high-energy cost & forever advancing technology is leading people to think about installing intelligent systems that work on renewable energy in their houses. Energy that is coal-powered is polluting as well as expensive, nuclear power is potentially dangerous, and then there

7 Cool Green Gadgets

If you want to keep your green habits, but you still do not want to quit your favorite gadgets, the green gadgets, which become more and more popular recently are the solution. Here are seven of those useful cool green gadgets that will help you make good environmental impact but also will keep the money

Amazing Portable 3D laser Scanners used to Digitally Preserve History

Across the world, hidden amongst mountains, wrapped behind jungle vines and lost in centuries of age and wisdom are amazing wonders, historical landmarks and buildings rich in cultural passion. But what happens to these long kept secrets if one were to become destroyed or crumble over time? What if one was lost between the violence

Google Unveiled New Earth Engine !!!

Google launched its Earth Engine, a new mapping tool by, which allows researhers and scientists to track and measure changes to the environment using satellite images collected within last 25 years. Google Earth Engine was introduced at the COP 16 climate conference in Cancun. The company says the images contain trillions of measurements collected