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Study Shows Sheeps are More Intelligent Than Previously Believed !!!

Researchers from Cambridge University claim that sheep are considerably smarter than we have previously believed. Image credits The new research was recently published in the journal PLoS ONE. Neuroscientist Professor Jenny Morton herded a flock of Welsh mountain sheep and presented them with variously-coloured buckets, only one of which contained nosh. Fascinating, the sheep were

Snail Can Emit Green Light to Scare Away Predators !!!

According to a new study, a tiny marine snail emits its green glow which it uses to scare away predators. Image credits Scientists at UC San Diego suspect that Hinea brasiliana, a type of clusterwink snail, uses the bioluminescence to create the illusion of a bigger animal than it really is whenever potential predators approach.

Shark Scales Help Them Make Quick Underwater Turns !!!

Researchers at the University of South Florida and the University of Alabama have found that teeth-like scales on sharks’ skin, nearly invisible to the human eye, make them better hunters by allowing them to change directions while moving at full speed. Amy Lang, aerospace engineer, presented her team’s study at the American Physical Society’s Division

Eating Purple Fruits Could Help Body to Fight Diseases Such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s !!!

A new research found that drinking green tea and eating purple fruits could help the body to fight Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. The foods, such as blueberries, act by soaking up a harmful iron compounds. The study from Professor Douglas Kell at the University of Manchester, published in the journal Archives of Toxicology, suggests

Mercury Consumption Makes Birds Homosexual !!!

A new study found mercury consumption increases homosexual tendencies in birds. The seven-year UF study was led by Peter Frederick, wildlife ecology and conservation professor. Frederick directed the study to confirm the assumptions that increased mercury consumption could negatively effect the number of chicks the birds produced. Frederick and his team captured 160 young white