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10 Most Unusual Cat Breeds in the World

Everyone knows just how affectionate folks can be about cats. And those emotions might be twice as powerful when it comes to exotic breeds, even (or especially!) if the cats are a little… well… different looking! The kitties on this list certainly stand out from your average neighborhood tabby, whether because of their hair (or

Iowa Hen Lays Giant Egg !!!

A black Australorp chicken called Aussie from Bonaparte, Iowa, is getting a whole lot of attention after she laid a giant egg. Image credits According to Nathan Batten, the hen’s owner, the light brown egg weighs 4.1 ounces, and measures 3.5 inches long and 6.5 inches in circumference. “It probably has about two miles on

9 Terrifying Ghost Ships

When you saw the ghostly pirate vessel, and the hideous crew, in the film Pirates of the Caribbean, it will brought to mind the tales told of infamous ghost-ships through history, and the fascinating stories attached to them. 1. The infamous Flying Dutchman image credits No ghost ship was ever more famous , or notorious,

Scariest Fish in the World

image credits You may have been under the impression that, where freshwater fish are concerned, the one you would least like to encounter would be the Piranha, famous flesh-eater from the Amazon river, but you might need to think again. Recently, another kind of fish, so savage that it makes the terrifying t piranha seem