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First Ever Photo of Shark Cannibalism

Australian researchers snapped this extraordinary sight in August while they were carrying out a census of fish off Great Keppel Island off the Great Barrier Reef image credits This is believed to be the first time scientists have ever photographed a shark eating another shark. The photo shows a type of carpet shark called a

The Animal Blood that Saves Lives

Its blood is blue and comes from a creature more ancient and resilient than dinosaurs – and even medicine itself has claimed this animal to be “a new life-saving tool”.  Not only serving great purposes towards its natural habitat, but now saving countless human lives is the remarkable and bizarre horseshoe crab. Image Source: The

Twenty Million Bats

image credits Beetles, mosquitoes, flies, moths and any other flying insects are at risk, after dark, in the area of the USA where the Mexican free tail bat lives, because when they emerge, at dusk, for a night of hunting prey, each individual will probably eat its own weight, in insects, in that single hunt.

Seven Superb Butterflies

Humanity is constantly pushing its way into more areas of the natural world, seeking room to build and grow crops, and ecosystems come under threat, to the extent that species numbers begin to decline, because of loss of habitat.  Naturally beautiful treasures, seemingly destined for disappearance from our world, are many species of spectacularly colored

Scariest Fish in the World

image credits You may have been under the impression that, where freshwater fish are concerned, the one you would least like to encounter would be the Piranha, famous flesh-eater from the Amazon river, but you might need to think again. Recently, another kind of fish, so savage that it makes the terrifying t piranha seem