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Hot Lips Plant – The Most Kissable Plant

This weird plant might look like the work of a photo editing software, but I can assure you those kissable lips are all natural. Found in the tropical rain forests of Central and South American countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador, the Psychotria Elatra plant has apparently evolved into its current shape to attract pollinators

The Largest Greenhouse in the World – The Eden Project

It’s a dream come true – a magical story of how restoration can transform an exhausted site into the world’s largest captive rainforest and greenhouse, showcasing plants which have changed the world, connects culture and communities and has even been called the 8th wonder. Image Credits: Stuart Herbert The 21st century will provide enormous challenges

Ways to Use Green Renewable Energy At Home

Renewable energy is increasingly becoming popular because of the innumerable environmental benefits, plus the high-energy cost & forever advancing technology is leading people to think about installing intelligent systems that work on renewable energy in their houses. Energy that is coal-powered is polluting as well as expensive, nuclear power is potentially dangerous, and then there

8 of the World’s Most Polluted Places

While some governments have understood the danger of the pollution and have taken measures against it, there are still parts of the world, mostly underdeveloped, which still ignore the warnings. It’s hard to measure which ones are the most polluted places, but we made a choice of eight of them. 1. Chernobyl, Ukraine The world

Nine Most Toxic Plants For Humans

You may love flowers.  Helping to brighten up your life, but you should always bear in mind that not all pretty blooms are as innocent as they might appear.  Some plants which are regularly placed in gardens are anything but friendly, and that decorative bush might easily be the death of you, quite literally, if