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Rare Photos of Extinct Species

These species of animals have been extinct for a long time now. Most of us were newer born when these species have already gone extinct. Thylacine                                                                                                     credit: Unknown photographer, 1933 The largest meat eating marsupial in modern times , the Thylacine once was living in mainland Australia and New Guinea, by the time of

The Lion Whisperer – Behaviorist and Hugger of Lions

Originating as an adolescent wild running “Bird Man of Orange Grove” caring for all things nature to a self taught animal behaviourist, it is no surprise that when Kevin Richardson crosses all barriers involved with the animal kingdom and cuddles lions he is known as the mighty “Lion Whisperer”. Kevin Richardson is both a zoologist

Pencil Vs Camera – The Exciting & Daring New Art

It’s unique, fun, diverting, daring, exciting, and inspirationally beautiful whilst gently capturing the wonders and bewilderment of the imagination. It’s thought provoking and holds twists of surrealism and realistic challenges as it connects different aspects of life, engaging the mind into a world of creative adventures. I’m confident to kindly say that the number of

30 Examples of Extraordinary Battles in Nature

Image Credits:  depinamug Every angle of an animal’s life is specialised in the business of competition, forcing individuals to compete for access of a potential mate, resources, food and space – all necessities to live and reproduce successfully. This extreme rivalry of limited sources has led to many differences in behaviour and evolutionary adaptations to develop

10 Best Environmental Photos for 2011

Since the motto of National Geographic is “Inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888,” they certainly feel duty to make selection of the best Environmental Photos every year. The contest attracts thousands of pictures and these are the top ten of them. 1. Homeless Homeless was chosen the best environmental photo for 2011,

The Incredible World of Cactus in Photos

The distinctive appearances of cacti are a result of adaptations to conserve water in the hottest and driest environments – and who would have known that such wondrous, beautiful and bizarre appearances would have become adopted? Spikes treacherously poking out in all directions, ready to take on anyone that wants a challenge, flowers that blossom