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Amazing Macro Photography of Insects

Point of view is everything. And that is particularly true when considering these amazing macro photography by Ondrej Pakan. He takes scary crawlies that you’d normally steer clear of and turns them into something stunning. Blue Damselfly                                                                                                          credit: Ondrej Pakan Red Sonya                                                                                                   credit: Ondrej Pakan Dew Covered Bug Eyes                                                                                                      credit: Ondrej Pakan

Wonderful World of Macro Photography

We are constantly amazed at how photographs of this topic seem to be never ending; every day there is increasingly more that is as stunning as the last one. For instance , in the photograph here, “In the Breeze,” we get to see a dandelion seed launching itself into a new zipcode, ready to set

Photographic magic of liquid drop art

image credits Macro photography is surely the most stunning kind of imagery, capturing images that the naked eye could never hope to spot, and Corrie White, 61 years old, and a mother of four, resident in Canada at London, Ontario, is without doubt one of the best, in the execution of this complex art form.