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The Most Traumatic Mating in the Animal Kingdom

When the terms “sex” “mating” or “copulation” are mentioned, those various images and thoughts that flash through our minds are often pleasant and exciting. Unfortunately, for one animal the word ‘pleasant’ is definitely not the case, and in fact the poor female experiences the most traumatic insemination known. The ill-fated victim is the common bedbug

Amazing Macro Photography of Insects

Point of view is everything. And that is particularly true when considering these amazing macro photography by Ondrej Pakan. He takes scary crawlies that you’d normally steer clear of and turns them into something stunning. Blue Damselfly                                                                                                          credit: Ondrej Pakan Red Sonya                                                                                                   credit: Ondrej Pakan Dew Covered Bug Eyes                                                                                                      credit: Ondrej Pakan

The Praying Mantis – The Insect that Eats Heads

The praying mantis family is composed of persistent, ruthless predators, and catching a glimpse of their hunting behaviour is a little frightening delight. They lie, well camouflaged in their wait for the arrival of prey, with their spiny, grasping front legs upraised and pincers partially opened, poised for the catch. Their heads can swivel up

5 Deadly Hunting Tactics that you Wont Believe

Predators are both extraordinary and emotional to watch as they kill and consume in their assorted and intellectual ways depending on the size and nature of each species. Drowning, impaling, dismemberment, strangulation and poisoning are often favoured methods of killing. Here are five freaky predatory techniques though which you may not believe… 1. Worms loaded

5 Remarkable and Formidable Horny Skeletons

Strong, tough, resilient and an exceptionally impressive evolutionary adaptation welcomes the masters that are compressed, flexed and composed of horny skeletons. Working like a personalized body of armour – powerful and protective delivers us a wide range of revolutionary horny species. ExoSkeletons that are Tough ExoSkeletons – so its sound strange to think that an