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7 Archaeological Discoveries Because of Global Warming

The withdrawing ice is exposing long-hidden things–many with priceless historical value–that have now been well preserved by the ice for decades, or perhaps thousands of years. But after these things so are subjected to the elements and are released from their icy graves, they quickly disintegrate and vanish. Archaeologists and scientists around the globe are

The Dawn of Animal Domestication

Nowadays it would be hard to imagine the world without domesticated animals. Thanks to them, the mankind could progress to the point where we are now. They have not only been used for labor and as a resource for countless different products, but also as faithful companions. At first animals were used mostly for food

The Death-Defying Aerial Stunts of 1920s Barnstormers

A group of stuntmen and stuntwomen who, during the 1920s, repeatedly risked their lives in a quest for thrills and entertainment; and, at the end of the day, to earn a living.                                                                                Photo: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archives There’s always someone who will find a creative way to make money off new

History’s Most Famous Siamese Twins

We occasionally say that a couple are so close that they seem ‘joined at the hip’ – metaphorically speaking, obviously. But imagine this were a reality. (In fact, think about how the term might have developed.) Imagine if a person came from an egg that started to separate into identical twins but got stuck (or,

Scariest Mummies in the World

There’s certainly something scary on the subject of mummies, however simultaneously they’re extremely interesting as well. These conserved human (and animal) bodies have lasted for years, sometimes even millennium, providing a tantalizing view into how our ancestors must have looked and lived. As such, they have been looked for by archaeologists and displayed in museums

An Explosion of Colour

The UK calls it “Colour” whilst Americans call it “Color” but regardless of its spelling, the meaning of the word holds just as much passion and power within. Color is the most dominating feature around the globe, and without it, many significant emotions, signals and atmospheres would be lost. Each autumn trees display their leaves

VW Beetle – An Inspirational Photography Collection

The Beetle is like no other, with a reputation and strange combination of its design both being inspired by nature, and desired by Adolf Hitler, the Beetle has become the longest-running and most-manufactured automobile of a single design platform anywhere in the world. Its saturated characteristics and amazing old models starting from the 1930’s guarantees this