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Famous Athletes Who don’t eat Meat

It’s still a typical dilemma: could vegetarians be as good as their meat-eating counterparts in physical competition? Check out each of the top level athletes in this article, and you should get your answer. These 10 vegetarian athletes rose to the top of the sports world–without any help from meat. Bill Pearl                                                                                                       image credits

Ten Terrific Tropical Fruits

image credits 1. The Horned Melon Native , in actual fact, to the Kalahari Desert, in Africa, the African Cucumber, known  by some as the  Horned Melon, is a fruit that looks exactly as the name implies that it might .  Grown  around the world in this modern age,  and often seen in New Zealand

Awesome art from cheese

image credits Being born and raised in Wisconsin, USA, seems to be a must for artistic people whose talent is for using cheese as their medium of choice when sculpting. Two notable exponents of this unusual art are Sarah ‘Cheese Lady’ Kaufman, and winemaker Troy Landwher, both of whom are truly amazing artists in this

Scariest Fish in the World

image credits You may have been under the impression that, where freshwater fish are concerned, the one you would least like to encounter would be the Piranha, famous flesh-eater from the Amazon river, but you might need to think again. Recently, another kind of fish, so savage that it makes the terrifying t piranha seem