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The Most Traumatic Mating in the Animal Kingdom

When the terms “sex” “mating” or “copulation” are mentioned, those various images and thoughts that flash through our minds are often pleasant and exciting. Unfortunately, for one animal the word ‘pleasant’ is definitely not the case, and in fact the poor female experiences the most traumatic insemination known. The ill-fated victim is the common bedbug

30 Examples of Extraordinary Battles in Nature

Image Credits:  depinamug Every angle of an animal’s life is specialised in the business of competition, forcing individuals to compete for access of a potential mate, resources, food and space – all necessities to live and reproduce successfully. This extreme rivalry of limited sources has led to many differences in behaviour and evolutionary adaptations to develop

The Incredible World of Cactus in Photos

The distinctive appearances of cacti are a result of adaptations to conserve water in the hottest and driest environments – and who would have known that such wondrous, beautiful and bizarre appearances would have become adopted? Spikes treacherously poking out in all directions, ready to take on anyone that wants a challenge, flowers that blossom

The Animal Blood that Saves Lives

Its blood is blue and comes from a creature more ancient and resilient than dinosaurs – and even medicine itself has claimed this animal to be “a new life-saving tool”.  Not only serving great purposes towards its natural habitat, but now saving countless human lives is the remarkable and bizarre horseshoe crab. Image Source: The

5 Wonderful Things Inspired by Nature

“Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher” ~William Wordsworth With increasing awareness of our surroundings, we have begun massively exploring how we can manipulate and adapt our surroundings to evolve around us, rather than slowly adapting to our environment. Nevertheless, many impressive breakthroughs of technology that propel changes towards medicine,

The Most Visited National Park in Europe

Rising 7,500m above the ocean floor, basks the world’s third tallest volcanic structure. Encased by magnificent scenery and atmospheric conditions welcomes a National Park swamped with forever changing tones and colours of its landscape. Visually striking clouds swam together to create a misty backdrop to the mountains, and many beautiful flora species have colonised the

Coral Reefs: 35 Beautiful Species to Adore

Welcome to the ‘Rainforests of the Ocean’ – one of the most beautiful, diverse and colourful marine habitats across the globe. An underwater body, constructed by calcium carbonate that lines the ocean floor has flourished into an ecosystem that is teeming with coral polyps, billions of colourful algae and impressive sea anemones. This amazing platform