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10 Global Warming Jokes by Jay Leno

The worldwide famous talk show host is certainly one of the most prominent environmental activists in the United States. He never misses to promote his views in his Late Night Show, inspiring millions of people to go in the same direction as him. Here are his best jokes on global warming. “Climate experts say we

8 Steps to Start an Environmental Club

Environmental clubs are yet another way to show your dedication for environment and help the nature and the people. If you can join some club – that’s great. But, if you can’t find some that suits you, the best you can do is start your own Environmental Club and accomplish your mission altogether with your

30 Inspirational Environmental Quotes

Unfortunately, there are people who still believe that the environmental issues are a hoax. Fortunately, there are some other people whose consciousness makes them act for better future. Some of them have said very inspirational Environmental Quotes, providing a wind at the back for anyone who wants to help the Earth. 1. 2. “He who