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Endangered Species of the Week – Mountain gorilla

We started a awareness project to help protect endangered species. This week hero is a Mountain Gorilla. Species Mountain gorilla Gorilla beringei beringei Habitat There are two populations of Mountain gorilla. One of them is found in Central Africa among the Virunga volcanic mountains . The other is found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. Status There are less than 800 mountain gorillas worldwide as per the recent statistics. In Belgium, there is

Beautiful Sunset Photos

image credits What can be more emotive and striking to the senses then that magical moment ,  when the fading glory of the sun disappears below the horizon, at sunset ? Not that the image you see is real, for the air itself, through refraction of light, creates a mirage in which we believe we

Ways to Use Green Renewable Energy At Home

Renewable energy is increasingly becoming popular because of the innumerable environmental benefits, plus the high-energy cost & forever advancing technology is leading people to think about installing intelligent systems that work on renewable energy in their houses. Energy that is coal-powered is polluting as well as expensive, nuclear power is potentially dangerous, and then there

Magical Trash art of Brenard Pras !

image credits French Artist Bernard Pras was born in 1952,  and likes to ‘counterfeit’ old masters and other well-known images by using especially chosen objects from the trash. He takes inspiration from renowned painters like Edvard Munch, Salvador Dali, and Japanese woodcut artist Hiroshige. image credits Another great influence on him was the original artist

The Praying Mantis – The Insect that Eats Heads

The praying mantis family is composed of persistent, ruthless predators, and catching a glimpse of their hunting behaviour is a little frightening delight. They lie, well camouflaged in their wait for the arrival of prey, with their spiny, grasping front legs upraised and pincers partially opened, poised for the catch. Their heads can swivel up

10 Most Polluted Places in The World in 2011

Pollution is a major concern all across the world with some places being more polluted than the others. Several millions of people across the world are afflicted by pollution as pollution often leads to a variety of life threatening diseases such as cancers and other issues such as mental retardation, birth defects, and even a

8 Steps to Start an Environmental Club

Environmental clubs are yet another way to show your dedication for environment and help the nature and the people. If you can join some club – that’s great. But, if you can’t find some that suits you, the best you can do is start your own Environmental Club and accomplish your mission altogether with your