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The Rarest Big Cat in the World

Ten times more endangered than the Amur Tiger, these beautiful Cats have been cornered by human pressures into one remaining area – the forests of southwest Primorsky Kraj. Most leopards stalk and chase the grounds of Africa with their large stocky tails and daggered claws – where populations are moderately stable and warm environments deliver

Travelling Around the World By the Largest Solar Yacht

Technology is not only vibrating amongst medical, digital, space, mechanics and electronics but is now washing through the water and expanding to aid our planet. A remarkable breakthrough using solar panels, welcomes the world’s Largest Solar Yacht – propelled solely by sun. A mission has begun aboard the Turanor PlanetSolar – passionately attempting to be

5 Extraordinary Animals with Eyes in the Back of their Heads.

The animal kingdom dances, paints and misleads others with various forms of colorfully frightening eyespots. These lurk at the back of animal’s heads, tails, and backs and are washed in deceit – an intelligent evolutionary adaptation and one of the most creative forms of defense! Often tricking, shocking and scaring the most ferocious predators, those

Exotic Dances and Displays of Birds

Sexual union can be a highly complicated process. Across most animal species, elaborate preparations and often very sophisticated behavioral patterns are necessary before the actual stage of copulation. Image Source Finding a strong, compatible mate to reproduce with are one of the key essentials to species survival. Females are often very fussy in regards to