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Reusing Glass Bottles Into Design Objects

  Ecological new designs are a great way of preparing ourselves for a greener future. However, this does not solve the waste problems we are experiencing today. Reusing waste materials is a great solution to reduce the vastly growing pile of rubbish we’re stuck with due to the immensely popular throwaway-products. Whether you go for

How Green are Olympic Games in London?

With the beginning ceremony of the London Olympics only one day away, organizers prepare to celebrate what could be the one of the greenest Olympic Games to date.                                                                                                                     credits The Olympic Torch is undoubtedly an important symbol

Advertising London – An Historical Collection of Classic Posters

They are vivid, colourful and strikingly creative, composed of bold images and tipped with sharp text. They meet their purpose beautifully – to engage London visitors in feeling passionate about what the capital has to offer. The London zoo, Natural History museum, Covent gardens, a steam boat tour… the list is an endless supply of

5 Wonderful Things Inspired by Nature

“Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher” ~William Wordsworth With increasing awareness of our surroundings, we have begun massively exploring how we can manipulate and adapt our surroundings to evolve around us, rather than slowly adapting to our environment. Nevertheless, many impressive breakthroughs of technology that propel changes towards medicine,

10 of the World’s Greenest Buildings

Building greener buildings is essential part of every serious environmental policy. The carbon neutral world is not reachable just with “living green,” but it’s necessary to “live in green” as well. Here are ten greenest buildings that are just the beginning of the world’s changes toward sustainability. 1. Bank of America, New York This is