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10 Weird Urban Ecosystems

Life can burst in many strange and unexpected places. From goldmines to heavily polluted canals, and from toilets to radioactive areas, some species, as well as people, can find their perfect habitat, no matter how weird it is.  Here is 10 Weird Urban Ecosystems 1. Medina Zabbaleen, Egypt Medina Zabbaleen is so full of thrash,

8 of the World’s Most Polluted Places

While some governments have understood the danger of the pollution and have taken measures against it, there are still parts of the world, mostly underdeveloped, which still ignore the warnings. It’s hard to measure which ones are the most polluted places, but we made a choice of eight of them. 1. Chernobyl, Ukraine The world

10 World’s Greenest Cities

The cities that you’ll find on this list are not all covered with nature, but those which have made the best efforts for achieving their high environmental goals. Here are ten of the greenest cities in the world to live if you like to live green. 1. Reykjavik, Iceland Iceland is the world’s greenest country