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Interesting Facts About Bird Migration

When people go on long journeys they use compasses and maps to make sure they will arrive the planed location. Do birds use any “instruments” when migrating to help them infallibly reach the same destination year after year? It is known that birds orientate themselves using the position of the sun and the stars, and some

10 Awesome Pictures of Birds

We decided to treat you with this lovely pictures of birds. Birds are astounding creatures and deserve much more attention by us.   American Goldfinch image credits Splendid Sunbird Tufted Coquette image credits Bohemian Waxwing Northern Royal Flycatcher image credits Collared Aracari image credits American Kestrel image credits Colorful Mandarin Ducks image credits Golden Headed

Mercury Consumption Makes Birds Homosexual !!!

A new study found mercury consumption increases homosexual tendencies in birds. The seven-year UF study was led by Peter Frederick, wildlife ecology and conservation professor. Frederick directed the study to confirm the assumptions that increased mercury consumption could negatively effect the number of chicks the birds produced. Frederick and his team captured 160 young white

Exotic Dances and Displays of Birds

Sexual union can be a highly complicated process. Across most animal species, elaborate preparations and often very sophisticated behavioral patterns are necessary before the actual stage of copulation. Image Source Finding a strong, compatible mate to reproduce with are one of the key essentials to species survival. Females are often very fussy in regards to