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Beautiful Sunset Photos

image credits What can be more emotive and striking to the senses then that magical moment ,  when the fading glory of the sun disappears below the horizon, at sunset ? Not that the image you see is real, for the air itself, through refraction of light, creates a mirage in which we believe we

An Explosion of Colour

The UK calls it “Colour” whilst Americans call it “Color” but regardless of its spelling, the meaning of the word holds just as much passion and power within. Color is the most dominating feature around the globe, and without it, many significant emotions, signals and atmospheres would be lost. Each autumn trees display their leaves

Coral Reefs: 35 Beautiful Species to Adore

Welcome to the ‘Rainforests of the Ocean’ – one of the most beautiful, diverse and colourful marine habitats across the globe. An underwater body, constructed by calcium carbonate that lines the ocean floor has flourished into an ecosystem that is teeming with coral polyps, billions of colourful algae and impressive sea anemones. This amazing platform