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The Most Traumatic Mating in the Animal Kingdom

When the terms “sex” “mating” or “copulation” are mentioned, those various images and thoughts that flash through our minds are often pleasant and exciting. Unfortunately, for one animal the word ‘pleasant’ is definitely not the case, and in fact the poor female experiences the most traumatic insemination known. The ill-fated victim is the common bedbug

5 Wonderful Things Inspired by Nature

“Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher” ~William Wordsworth With increasing awareness of our surroundings, we have begun massively exploring how we can manipulate and adapt our surroundings to evolve around us, rather than slowly adapting to our environment. Nevertheless, many impressive breakthroughs of technology that propel changes towards medicine,

The Beautiful World of Scales

The world of Scales – most are small, plate like outgrowths from an animal’s skin or body covering. They are key features of many animals that deliver protection, whilst allowing handy flexibility and unique visual appearances. Diverse patterns, shapes and colours of Scales influence remarkable behaviours of courtship, defence and camouflage. Here are ten extraordinary

5 Remarkable and Formidable Horny Skeletons

Strong, tough, resilient and an exceptionally impressive evolutionary adaptation welcomes the masters that are compressed, flexed and composed of horny skeletons. Working like a personalized body of armour – powerful and protective delivers us a wide range of revolutionary horny species. ExoSkeletons that are Tough ExoSkeletons – so its sound strange to think that an

5 Extraordinary Animals with Eyes in the Back of their Heads.

The animal kingdom dances, paints and misleads others with various forms of colorfully frightening eyespots. These lurk at the back of animal’s heads, tails, and backs and are washed in deceit – an intelligent evolutionary adaptation and one of the most creative forms of defense! Often tricking, shocking and scaring the most ferocious predators, those