Every year there is a list of new species that are newly discovered and this year the  newly discovered species include animals like sneezing monkey, beautiful venomous jellyfish, underworld worm, tiny wasp, giant millipede as well as a blue tarantula to name a few! To know more about the newly discovered animal species of 2012, read on!



1. Sneezing Monkey

Ever since the year 2000, mammals that were discovered every year averaged about 36. There was a point when some scientists were conducting a survey on gibbons up in the high mountains in Myanmar that they came across this new primate. Rhinopithecus strykeri was named to honor Jon Stryker, the president & founder of a foundation named Arcus Foundation. This monkey is the very 1st monkey that is snub-nosed from the Myanmar region & it’s believed that this animal species is critically endangered. Rhinopithecus strykeri  is distinctive because of its typically black fur & white beard…the best part being that this monkey sneezes whenever it rains!!!


2. Box Jelly (Bonaire Banded)

The jellyfish is extremely & eye-catching beautiful, but it is venomous & looks similar to box kite that has a long, colorful tail. This species has been named Tamoya ohboya & it was chosen by this teacher for a citizen’s science project. The name assumes that whoever gets stung by this species will scream “Oh boy!!!”


3. Devil’s Worm

This teeny little nematode measures close to 0.5 millimeters (0.02 inches) & are the most deep-living earthly multicellular organisms found on our planet. The devil’s worm was discovered @ a depth equal to 1.3 kms (8/10 miles) inside a gold mine in South Africa where it was named Halicephalobus mephisto. The name is compliant with the Faust fable of a devil as this new species was found so deep within the crust of the Earth & still survived such immense pressures underground along with temperatures as high as 37o C or 98.6o F.


 4. Parasitic Wasp

Beware ants! The new parasitic wasp species cruise at about 1 centimeter above ground in a place called Madrid (in Spain) & searches for targets: namely ANTS! Once they have their targets in sight, these teeny tiny wasps attack like tiny dive bombers from the air above.


 5. Giant Millipede

This giant millipede is about the same length as a sausage & bears common name of “the wandering leg sausage,” that has its roots from a Latin name called Crurifarcimen vagans. This species holds the record (new set) of being the biggest millipede (at 16 centimeters/ 6.3 inches) & was found in the Arc Mountains east of Tanzania (in a biodiversity hotspot). This new species happens to be 1.5 centimeters or 0.6 inches in diameter & has 56 (or more) podous rings/ body segments with ambulatory limbs.


 6. Sazima’s Tarantula

This hairy blue iridescent tarantula is breathtakingly beautiful & happens to be the 1st new species of an animal from Brazil on top 10 listings. The Pterinopelma sazimai isn’t the 1st or the only blue colored tarantula, yet it is truly a spectacular species from an island’s ecosystem on a flattop mountain!

 7. Shrimp- Like Animal Species from New Mexico

This never seen before shrimp-like animal species was found within a cavernous pool inside a cave that was 80 ft from the ground. This unnamed shrimp’s around ½ inch in length, it is translucent & believed to be completely blind. It’s amazing how this species swam only a few feet underground for over a million years & went unnoticed!


 8. Deadly Sea Snake in Australia

Researchers have discovered an unknown sea snake species that has been living near rocky seafloors in the Australian waters. This deadly snake has been named as Hydrophis donaldi & their defenses are extremely dangerous….not only restricted to the bite, but extend to the spiny, strong scales all over their bodies. Their coloration & scales all over come from their habitat because they use it as a camouflage for protecting themselves against other predators & animals.  The new species of sea snake happens to be extremely rare & scientists are still learning about the mysterious physique of this creature.


9. Smallest Reptile Ever In Madagascar

There have been 4 new animal chameleon species that have been recently discovered & the buzz surrounds around the tiny size of these animals. They measure a few millimeters at the most from the head till their tails. The miniature lizard has beaten dwarf geckos & taken the #1 spot to become the tiniest reptile in the world. Brookesia micro is the tiniest of the 4 & the most distinctive case in island dwarfism.


10. The Cowboy Frog in Suriname

Researchers while on an expedition recently to the tropical forests in Suriname discovered more than 40 species that they believe to be new. This list includes an armored rock-hard catfish as well as cowboy frog. This project has been a piece of a rapid evaluation program at Conservation International.

 11. Bees in New York

There was an announcement made by the American Museum of Natural History that eleven new bee species have been found, including four from the city of New York & surrounding suburbs.


12. Albino Spider in Australia

There is a possible new species that is under inspection after this small-town gentleman discovered some strange-looking species of spider close to his house & submitted the spider to Western Australia Museum. This spider has 8 legs & is called ‘albino trapdoor spider’ till a formal name is found for the species!  Although, this spider isn’t fully albino… instead it has this brown colored body with white colored head!


Discovering new animal species every year is intended so as to bring some attention towards our biodiversity crisis & the unknown species explorers as well as museums that continue the 250-years tradition to discover as well as describe thousands & millions of animals, microbes as well as other organisms with whom man shares this planet.

Apart from these new animal species of 2012, there are certain other new species that have been discovered like the night-blooming orchids, autumn poppy from Nepal, the walking cactus, etc!