If you want to keep your green habits, but you still do not want to quit your favorite gadgets, the green gadgets, which become more and more popular recently are the solution. Here are seven of those useful cool green gadgets that will help you make good environmental impact but also will keep the money in your pocket.

1. Energy Orb



If you have gone green to save some money besides your worry for environment, then the energy orb could provide you the necessary help. This cool green gadget shows you how much you’re charged for electricity via changing colors. When it lights green it sends the message that you’re using electric power rationally. But when it turns red, you should unplug some of the devices at your home.

2. The Energy Detective

Green Gadgets


The Energy Detective is yet another device for monitoring the electricity spending. It enables following how much energy you’re spending, what devices spend the most at your household, and how to save some energy. Some independent studies have shown that The Energy Detective helps users cut off average 8-15% of their electricity bills. Of course, it also depends on how much energy and money you would like to save.

3. Smart Party Light String


These 24 colorful LED bulbs are perfect for decoration of your outdoor parties, and are perfect to save energy and money in your pocket. This eco-friendly gadget use only solar power collected from a solar panel. Despite making good environmental impact, you can enjoy the changing of color of these bulbs, which will start illuminating the area as soon as the dusk falls.

4. Solar Powered Magic Globe Light


Similar to the previous item, the solar powered magic globe light could add some fantasy in your outdoor parties. It charges during the sunny days and becomes very attractive feature in the night. The magic globe light changes the rainbow colors all the time, but also can be stopped to one color. It can be placed wherever you want, even in the water. The replaceable and rechargeable  batteries and LEDs provide 12 hours of illumination every night.

5. Fit PC 2.0


Fit PC 2.0 is the smallest PC available on the market, but it should not discourage you to consider buying one piece for you, at least not if you have intention to cut your electricity bills. Believe it or not, this cool green gadget manages to save approximately 96 % of the energy that standard PC needs.

6. Recycled Circuit Board Box


This gadget will help you keep your desk tidy and keep your environmental-friendly habits. Printed circuit boards can be found in all electronic products and when they become unusable there’s a lot of waste. However, this box proves that the possibility to use them never ends and it can be transform in unique creative gadget.



The USBCELL is a battery that can be recharged from any computer’s USB port. When empty, all you need to do is plugging the USBCELL into the port while your computer is turned on and it will do the whole job, with the same electricity which helps the PC run. This cool eco-friendly gadget cost $10-20 for 2 AA sized batteries.