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Factory Farming and its Bizarre Stories

You may not know just what your factory farming meat went through before it ended up on your dish? (Caution: Many of the photos and stories in this article are beyond disturbing. )

The truth is, this tour is not for the faint of heart, and these reports  from the 400, 000 baby birds wiped out when a farm went broke, to the 150,000 male chicks ground up alive each day to the baby piglets left to die in manure containers are scary. However they might also help you really be aware of effect of your diet.

400, 000 Baby Chicks Wiped out by Bankrupt Chicken Farm

While dying at a factory farms is actually part of everyday routine, the bankruptcy of Russia’s Krasnaya Polyana chicken farm in December left the owners with 3 million chickens  and nowhere to put them.

About 600, 000 of the chickens died from malnutrition, and 400, 000 baby chicks were killed, either by drowning or dumping into outdoor trash containers where they froze to death, while “mature birds have been tossed into a pit and buried alive with a tractor. ”

12,000 Baby Chicks Die in Factory Farm Fire

While the executives of International Poultry Breeders’ farms in Georgia probably believed they were on the right course when they left heating units on to warm baby chicks during a cold months of record low temperatures, the plan backfired when the chicken house caught fire, eliminating more than 12, 000 chicks.

150,000 Male Chicks Killed Every Day

Mercy for Animals went undercover with a concealed camera to capture this upsetting video clip of life at a hatchery, where 150, 000 male chicks are killed every day in an particularly nasty manner: They’re put on a conveyor belt and ground up while still alive.

Pigs Face Pointless Cruelty

A December 2010 undercover investigation by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) exposed cruelty at Smithfield Foods farms that inspired Mark Bittman to write, “…if you’re still eating industrially-raised pork (or chicken or beef or fish for that matter) — get real. Any industry…that operates with such infuriating disregard for the welfare of their animals deserves all the trouble we can muster.”

Organic Eggs Don’t Usually Arrive from Happy Hens

Farming strategy group The Cornucopia Institute spent 2 yrs traveling to egg suppliers all over the United States, and found that even organically-raised animals have been closed into  cages with no access to the outdoors,  making this an issue with factory farming that goes beyond what the animals are fed.

Salmonella in Eggs Results in Major Recall

Though the connection concerning tainted foods and factory farming isn’t 100 percent, the most recent big recall of salmonella filled eggs last summer, comprised 550 million eggs, all from one industrial farm.

Factory Farms are Large Polluters

Still not really sure? Here is another reason to stay away from factory farming meat: The size of farms increased by 20 percent between 2002 and 2007. Even though the quantity of farms fell, the acreage (and number of animals) devoted to them is still growing. (Check out the maps to see how they’re distributed).

The growth of those farms means the pollution, animal cruelty, and disease associated with them are also growing exponentially.

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