Increasing global temperatures are impacting on food sources, changing ecosystems and making resources scarcer, say scientists. It’s reported that Global Warming is resulting in smaller-sized plants and animals.

Writing in the journal Nature Climate Change, Dr David Bickford and Jennifer Sheridan argue that a shifting trend in animal and plant size could impact on human populations, especially if food sources, such as fish, are affected.

“The consequences of shrinkage are not yet fully understood, but could be far-reaching for biodiversity and humans alike,” they wrote.

Where does this end? Will we one day be carrying elephants in our pockets or blue whales in our wallets?!

The popular micro-pig hit the headlines last year, but there’s also the panda mini-cow, and the pygmy goat.

Micro-pigs are cited as perfect pets because they are fourth in intelligence after “man, monkey and dolphin” while miniature horses have been used instead of guide dogs.

Green Buzz takes a look at some cutest minute marsupials, mammals and monkeys.

These animals are mostly small due to genetic modifying, not global warming.

1. Miniature Horse

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It’s usually seen as a pet, but there’s been some controversy over whether this miniature breed can be used instead of a blind dog to help the visually impaired.

2. Micro Pig

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Micro pigs, ostensibly the “fourth most intelligent species after man, monkey and dolphin”

3. Miniature Panda Cow

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Price for Panda cow is $30,000.  There’s thought to be only 24 in the world.

4. Albino Pygmy Marmoset

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5. Mini Mongoose

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6. Philippine Tarsier

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Although once these were popular as pets, they are now an endangered species.

7. Pygmy goat

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They originated in West Africa, and became popular pets because of their friendliness.

8. Monifa The Pygmy Hippo

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9. Fennec Fox

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The smallest species of ‘canid’ in the world. Canids include wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes, and domestic dogs.

This small nocturnal fox is found in the North Africa Sahara.

  • Marcia

    Sorry but most of these are not down to “global warming” atleast 4 of these animals discussed are due to genetic modifying by artifical selection caused by homosapiens and nothing else. Most are just trends like the pig generated to gain lots of money to have the “latest trendy pet”.
    These are not direct results from global warming. Mutations in animals to occur from enviornmental pressure will take much longer than one generation of our life time to develop.
    Please investigate subjects properly before teaching readers wrong information. Its not very good for your blog.

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  • Tasha

    Also might want to do a little proof-reading regarding the mini horse being used instead of a “blind dog” to lead the visually impaired. A blind dog is of no use whatsoever as a guide dog.