US scientists claim they have found the way to one day create knives which never need sharpening. The announcement came after they have found how sea urchins keep their teeth sharp.

Scientists Found Way to Create Ever-Sharp Knives


According to the scientists, the sea urchins have self-honing teeth that can chomp through rock to carve out hideaways along the shore.

Analysing California purple sea urchin teath, they discovered that layered calcite crystals held together by hard natural cement, according to ‘The Daily Telegraph.’

Layers of weaker organic material are between the crystals and they act like perforated paper, so as each hard layer becomes blunt it breaks off exposing a fresh one underneath.

“The organic layers are the weak links in the chain. There are breaking points at predetermined locations built into the teeth. It is a concept similar to perforated paper in the sense that the material breaks at these predetermined weak spots,” Professor Pupa Gilbert, leader of the team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

His research was published in the journal ‘Advanced Functional Material.’

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