AB Elise, Russian construction company, planes to build a gigantic domed city in a kilometer-wide Siberian diamond mine, powered by the sun. So far, the project called Eco-city 2020 is more of a speculation than a reality, but the plans show accomodation for 100,000 persons over three main levels.

The mega-city will be built in the Mir mine in the Mirniy industrial zone in Eastern Siberia, and it will measure more than one kilometer in diameter and 550 meters deep. The total area of the city will be two million square meters.

This is a description of AB Elise’s plan from Evolo architectural magazine: “The new city is planned to be divided in 3 main levels with a vertical farm, forests, residences, and recreational areas. On of the most interesting aspects of the proposal is the glass dome that will protect the city and would be covered by photovoltaic cells that will harvest enough solar energy for the new development.”

The roof of the structure would comprise of solar panels to power the heating and electricity needs of the residents. The domed city should protect resident population from severe cold in winter and hot sun in summer.

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