Mission Motors, which has already manufactured a success with the first electric sportbike – Mission One, recently unveiled the Mission R superbike.

Mission R was designed for superbike racing and it provides 115 foot-pounds of torque, 141 horsepower and 14.4 kWh, pushing the superbike to a top speed of over 160mph. The MissionEVT 100kW motor controller allows the rider to tune the superbike to his or her preferences.

Mission Motors unveiled the Mission R superbike

img.source: www.gizmag.com

“We are excited to announce the Mission R, our compact and powerful factory electric racebike,” Mission Motors’ Founder Edward West said in a statement.

“This bike represents the culmination of all the company’s learning in both electric powertrains and motorcycle engineering.”

The bike debuted at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show. It will compete in the TTXGP – the eGrand Prix racing series along with other events, races and demonstrations.

The company said the Mission R will make its official track debut in early 2011 and they hope the success of the bike will parlay into a new desire for electric street cycles.

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