According to The Daily Yomiuri, a team of Japanese scientists plans to clone a wooly mammoth in the next four of five years, resurrecting the hairiest beast from 10,000 years of extinction.

Wooly mammoth to be cloned by Japanese scientists

Img.source: aolnews

“Preparations to realize this goal have been made,” said the head of the team and professor emeritus of Kyoto University, Akira Iritani.

It is expected sientists to do this by extracting DNA from the mammoth carcass and injecting it into the womb of an African elephant.

“If a cloned embryo can be created, we need to discuss, before transplanting it into the womb, how to breed (the mammoth) and whether to display it to the public. After the mammoth is born, we’ll examine its ecology and genes to study why the species became extinct and other factors,” Iritani said.

Many scientists have tried similar experiments in the past, but this time the tissue that is available for the trials is in their minds suitable for such a delicate procedure.

American and Russian scientists are also assisting on the project, with Russian archaeologists providing the mammoth tissue samples and U.S. in vitro fertilization experts helping to create the mammoth embryo.

  • joe

    it’s a wonderful idea, hopefully no unexpected diseases will arise. saber tooth tigers will hopefully be next. for that matter. we should start to freeze different species of animals endangered . . . tigers, lions, etc. if they do become almost near extinction (god forbid), the technology will exist to bring them back. it think it’s a great idea.