Although he hasn’t stopped growing yet, the enormous crab has already been dubbed Crab Kong.

Japanese giant spider crab 'Crab Kong' arrives in WeymouthImage credits

40-years-old Crab Kong, who measures 3m across and weighs 15kg, was caught by a fisherman in Heda in Suraga Bay, Tokyo, was originally intended to be sold for supper.

Fortunately, the fishermen called Weymouth Sea Life biologist Robin James, who had visited the village weeks earlier, and arranged for the spider crab to be rescued.

“Getting in an animal as impressive as Crab Kong is the aquarium equivalent of signing Ronaldo,” he said.

“Giving people a chance to witness first hand one of the many wonders of the deep oceans helps boost support for marine conservation.

The crab is currently on display at the Weymouth Sea Life Park but soon he will be moved to a permanent home at a Sea Life centre in Munich, Germany.

Staff at Sea Life believe that the crab is the biggest ever seen in captivity.

‘Kong is sure to be an even bigger draw than the previous biggest crab, Crabzilla,’ said Robin James.

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