A wild bald eagle has his sight set on a female bald eagle kept in captivity at the Orange County Zoo.

Wild Bald Eagle Visits Zoo-Kept-Female Every DayImage credits

Is that romance, friendship, loneliness or just curiosity… nobody knows, but the fact is that since last weekend the eagle has made daily appearances at the zoo just outside the exhibit of the 6-year-old female bald eagle called Olivia, with an eye injury that prevents her release.

Zoo workers said that the rare bird checking out Olivia from a nearby tree. According to them, the rare visitor can spend hours squawking with Olivia.

“The wild bald eagle has been coming in about a week and a half now, coming in the mornings, the afternoons, landing next to this eagle exhibit and vocalizing back and forth with our female bird,” said Donald Zeigler, the zoo manager.

Zoo officials noticed Olivia is an injured bird and she isn’t healthy enough to be released.

“We would all like to see out in the wild. She is not going to be able to survive out on her own,” Zeigler said.

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