Lack of information about some specie in today’s era of technology is almost unimaginable. We think we know all of them. We are used to hear only about newly extinct species, so news about new found ones can be very refreshing. It’s good to know that with only three and a half months passed by in 2011 we can do Top 5 of new found species already.

1. Cryptelytrops Rubeus

Cryptelytrops rubeus is new found venomous snake discovered near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and some areas in Cambodia. Snakes of Cryptelytrops group were familiar to scientists already, but this one differs from the others with the red eyes (that’s why its name consists the word rubeus). They continue with the genetic researches, but the information they posses are not enough. Unfortunately, they believe that these snakes are already endangered.

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2. African Wolf

new found species

Genetic analysis of jackals in Egypt brought surprising results for researchers. They thought they were doing research about Egyptian jackals, but the genes showed off that it was different specie. To be clear, this animal was already known, but now we know that it was different from what we though it was. This jackal was renamed to African wolf, as it is a member of the grey wolf group.

3. Chromodoris Fentoni

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A fisherman who donated specimens from the Gulf of Tarpon Springs back in 2009 helped researchers to find new specie of snails. Chromodoris Fentoni is member of Florida marine life, commonly referred to as “nudibranch.” This sea snail has gills, but has no shell. Although it has been examined since 2009, scientists needed two years to verify the new specie.

4. Heliotrygon Gomesi and Heliotrygon Rosai

These two gigantic-pancake-like stingrays were found recently in Amazon forest. As they look like gigantic pancakes, they are informally referred as to pancake stingrays. They differ from other stingrays with their thorns on the tails, slits on the stomachs and the large size. They were found near Iquitos, Peru, and proved that the fauna-rich Amazon area is not fully explored and researched.

5. Mentocrex Beankaensis

Mentocrex beankaensis is new bird specie, recently found in Madagascar. It is endemic to the beautiful island, particularly to the Beanka Forest in western-central Madagascar. This forest is known as a home of other Mentocrex species, but this one was unknown until 2011. Researches still lack information about the bird, but they already suspect that it’s endangered specie.