We all like beaches,but in many there is a lot of dangers.If you happen to bump in to some of those in a list  be careful ,don’t be sorry later :)

1.Shired Island

img source wunderground.com

in Florida, USA, was appointed in 2009 to the country’s most polluted beach. . There is risk of irritated skin, meningitis, hepatitis and stomach disorders.

2.Hanakapiai Beach

img source wunderground.com

in Kuai, Hawaii might seem a paradise beach. But in fact, it’s a death trap.  So far, 82 people died from the beach strong waves and currents.  Do not go anywhere near the water’s edge

3.Gulf Coast

img source emporia.edu

This coast is habitat for   twenty most venomous snakes  in the U.S., they  can kill an adult human in less than two hours. Swim or do not go under the branches overhanging the water, says travel site.

4.Amazon Beaches

img source guim.co.uk

Its home to a variety of dangerous predators, including piranha.  , you should move very cautiously. Never swim in the water during the dry season when fish are extra hungry.

5.Bolinas Beach, Calif.

img source thewaterisopen.com

If you are going to swim in the surf paradise, think of three things; Avoid at night, wearing no shiny jewelry, and never go into the water when you are bleeding … because here there are plenty of sharks
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  • Lady2Soothe

    The last picture us incorrectly marked as Bolinas Beach, Calif….. This photo is of Brisbane, Australia

  • Mike

    The whole thing is mostly inaccurate…There are only four species of poisonous snakes in the US. The rest are self evident. Please correct the facts.

  • Guest

    what about the locations of box jellyfish? – the most poisonous animal in the world? You cant even detect them in clear water and their stingers are more poisonous than a cobra’s bite