Greenland Ice MeltingIt’s not that easy to ignore the effect of environmental changes in the whole world today. These changes are felt around the world. Another natural disaster that has been discovered that might affect the whole world is the melting of glaciers. This natural phenomenon can be seen on television every now and then. The latest news was about the polar bears that have been losing their natural habitat because of the shrinking of glaciers. One of the most enormous problems today is the past melting of glaciers that it did before.

There are a lot of questions that has been arising nowadays because of this natural phenomenon. Will melting of large glaciers can flood the earth’s oceans and seas? Will melting of large glacier can cause the lost of habitant in the earth surface? Will people and animal lose their safe drinking water because of melting of glaciers?

These questions have been flooding every environmental professional in the whole world. Perhaps the most popular issue is the potential flooding of waterways around the world. One associated press story by, the author said that, “the glaciers from Antarctica are melting faster threatening people from lowlands around the world”. If this melting continues to rise by the end of the century, it has been predicted that the sea level can climb up to three to five feet. Although, this number might not be very high but for [people who are living near beaches, this can cause a huge disaster for them.

This natural phenomenon is brought about by extreme hotness of the earth because of the decreasing ozone layer. The green house effect is one of the major causes of Melting Glaciers. The ozone layer is the one responsible for maintain the appropriate amount of heat in the planet. Degrading of ozone layer can cause too much heat inside the earth that can cause the melting of glaciers in cold countries like Antarctica.

This natural phenomenon was created by people around the world. Because of the chemicals and technology that produces harmful substances that affect the ozone layers, people are one of the main reasons why this thing continues to happen. If people are only aware of what was good and bad for the environment, maybe the effect of this natural phenomenon can decreases in higher amount. The chemical that is totally responsible for making the ozone layer thinner is the CFC or chloro floro carbon that can be found of styro foam.

The use of this harmful styro foam has been banned in many countries around the world today. Food establishments and other food stores using styro foam have been mandated to change their practices in packing their foods. CFC releases into the air every time styro foam has been destroyed or crush. This type of carbon mix into the atmosphere causing reaction to the ozone layer that makes it thinner. People around the world can actually do something about this problem. Awareness and concern is one of the key factors in lessening the effect of this natural phenomenon.

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