business environmentDifferent business industries have diverse effect in the environment. These industries have a lot of hazardous effect on the environment that might cause global warming. This issue has long been discussed in different environmental forum and meeting. Your own business might be harmful to the environment.

As an entrepreneur you are not excuse in maintaining the environment clean and green. According studies conducted, business industries is the biggest contributor of environmental pollution. Business owners are responsible in maintaining their operation safe for the environment and for the people around their business area. The government around the world are setting laws and guidelines that can protect the people as well as the environment.

The second largest contributing factor is the so called “computer waste” produce by different businesses worldwide. If you are a business entrepreneur, here are several guidelines that you can adapt to help save the environment and to eliminate carbon emission.

• If you have equipments that produce hazardous emission, you can switch these equipments off when not in use. This can reduce harmful elements in the atmosphere as well as decrease the energy consumption for about 25%. Make sure to switch off all PC and other electrical equipments, this can save 50% energy consumption.

• Reduce printing of emails. You can read emails through the internet; this can save a lot of papers and decrease printing cost.

• Avoid using paper on fax. You can use a fax modem because it can allow sending of faxes directly from the computer to the machine.

• You can use both sides of papers to eliminate over use of papers inside the office. You can save a lot of trees by doing this act.

• You can also save water while inside the business premises. Make sure to close the taps appropriately to avoid wasting of water. You may also install a water saving devices if you are determined to save a lot of water and bills.

• Use the recycling method for your paper waste. You can sell used papers on shop that buys recycled papers.

• When buying different office materials, make sure that it is bio-degradable. These bio-degradable materials are environment friendly. Non-biodegradable materials like plastics can stay in the environment for thousands and even million years.

• Replace your equipments and other machines with energy efficient equipments. One example of this is replacing your light bulb with energy efficient lights.

• Make sure to have separate bins for bio and non bio-degradable waste. By doing this you can help save the environment by decreasing the waste by recycling.

If all businesses will be aware in their contribution in making the environment cleaner, the world will surely free from natural disaster. Remember that all of this natural disaster has been created by man and men will the one responsible in making the environment safer most especially for future generation. This awareness should start today as New Year started. Follow all these simple guidelines to make the environment safer and free from natural disaster.