Environmental clubs are yet another way to show your dedication for environment and help the nature and the people. If you can join some club – that’s great. But, if you can’t find some that suits you, the best you can do is start your own Environmental Club and accomplish your mission altogether with your friends. Here are the necessary steps that you gotta do in order to start your club.

1. Choose a cause

Environmental Club


If you know what you want to do, then choosing a cause is the easiest step for you. You can choose some more general cause and work on many different projects, or you can concentrate your resources to achieve something in special area. However, be careful in choosing! It would be strange if your mission is saving whales, but you live in Oklahoma. Choose cause such as “keeping the world clean” or something like that and you can’t miss.

2. Choose a Name for Your Club


You’re the founder and you have the honor to name the club. Names can be as simple as “City Environmental Club,” or cool such as “Green Knights.” Be sure to choose an interesting name which can attract members.

3. Find a Clubhouse


You have to find some place to meet with the other members. For start it can be your living room, but there are many other possibilities. Your yard can be a great meeting point during the warm days, while a tree house or a wood cabin is very cool options.

4. Recruit Members


Probably you know many people who consider the environmental issues to be important, so contact them first. Friends, colleagues from work, cousins, neighbors, and let them bring people they know. If that’s not enough, there are several alternative ways to do that. Flyers are one of the ways that could do a great job, while bloggers can give you some ad space, too. Whatever happens, don’t give up. There are surely some people who share your thoughts, and you just need more time to reach them.

5. Have Meetings


The next step in starting an Environmental Club is having meting at the clubhouse. Gather all the members (or most of them) and talk about your future activities, such as cleaning your town, planting trees, spread environmental awareness, fundraise… Be creative and consider as many activities as you can do!

6. Decide On Jobs


If everyone at the club does whatever he wants, you will do nothing. Make sure that every member has specific task: someone thinks about new ideas, another recruits new members, there is the president who organizes everything; someone cares about the website, and so on. When everyone knows his/her task, your club will be on the way to success.

7. Do the Projects


Now you’re ready to act! Don’t hesitate to release your goals, as that’s the reason why you founded the club – to help the Earth. Clean the streets, clean the parks, fundraise, plant trees, give people flyers and brochures, clean the woods near your hometown… There are too many projects that wait to be done. And, don’t be sad if you failed to do the job as good as you wished. You can always redo it!

8. Create a Website


The web presence is very important step to make for any serious entity. Whether you own a business or environmental club, the easiest way to inform the world for your existence is appearing online. Tell the visitors about your mission, your cause, your plans, your current and upcoming projects, but also let them discuss on the forum or join your club online. It will raise your chances for success significantly.