The IUCN Red List for wild species gives us information about the world’s most Endangered Animals list throughout seven categories. One of them is list of extinct animals, one consist the animals the extinct in the wildlife, while the third worst list gives the names of animals which are critically endangered, meaning that the number of those animals have decreased, or will decrease, by 80% within three generations. Here are some examples of the most endangered animals species in 2011.

1. Philippine Eagle

Endangered Animals

The Philippine eagle is one of the world’s largest and most powerful birds, but it remains powerless in the fight against its own extinction. It has been threatened mostly of deforestation that happens due to logging and expanding agriculture, but also because of poaching, pollution and exposure to pesticides. According to assumptions there are only from 180 to 500 Philippine eagles survived in nature, making the government enact punishments such as twelve years in jail and heavy fines.

2. Mountain Gorilla

Scientists assume that there are fewer than 800 mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. They make heavy efforts to save this specie and they have some success – the population has increased for 12 percent over the last ten years. However, the above mentioned number confirms that their status is still fragile. They still loose their habitat due to deforestation, suffer from exposure of wars in Africa and are poached by mistake, because hunters do not want their meet, but the gorillas often become preys in their traps.

3. Cross River Gorilla

Assumptions say that there are only 280 individuals of the Cross River gorilla in only eleven locations in nature, making it one of the most Endangered Animals in 2011. The reasons are loss of habitat, poaching and Ebola virus. Nevertheless, things become better, having in mind that the government of Cameroon decided to create new national park on the border with Nigeria just in order to save this specie.

4. Araripe Manakin

The araripe manakin is critically endangered bird that was discovered in 1996 and was scientifically described in 1998, and was immediately put on the IUCN Red List. All of the 250-500 individuals of araripe manakin are endemic to Brazil, but things have been even worse before: there were only 50 such birds out there back in 2000. The success is even bigger having in mind that large part of its habitat was destroyed because the government decided to build theme park and new asphalted road there.

5. Mediterranean Monk Seal

With fewer than 600 individuals left, the Mediterranean monk seal is one of the most Endangered Animals in 2011. It can be seen in Mediterranean Sea and Eastern Atlantic Ocean. The main reason for its endangering is hunting, as fishermen consider the seal to be a pest because it does damages to their fishing nets. The other reasons are pollution and heavy ship traffic.

6. Greater Bamboo Lemur

The greater bamboo lemur is endemic to the African island of Madagascar, but if the illegal hunting doesn’t stop soon it will be endemic to nowhere. There are several species of lemurs living there; all of them are on the IUCN Red List. The greater bamboo lemur is the most endangered one, with fewer than 100 individuals. The government doesn’t do too much, as deforestation for agricultural purposes is more important to them.

7. Amur Leopard

Amur leopard is native to the most remote parts of Russia. It had been native to China and Korea as well, but it’s extinct in those countries. The main reason is sad: it shows the best coat pattern. Among other reasons for endangerment is the development of the region (road building, gasification, new railways) that leads to deforestation. It is believed that there are only 35-40 individuals left in the wild.

8. Beluga Sturgeon

Although the beluga is listed on the IUCN Red List, its status is much better than the previous species of this list. However, it’s worth mentioning because of the great efforts of official authorities or saving it from the extinction. Beluga caviar is one of the most expensive delicacies in the world, so uncontrolled fishing became big threat. International organizations reacted soon: it was protected with the Bern Convention, while a lot of countries banned importing beluga caviar.

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