Many people think that just another timber down doesn’t mean anything to the world. But they’re so wrong! Deforestation is very serious problem that requires solution. Since most of the governments all around the world do not do too much about this issue, here are seven ways how you can contribute toward saving the forests.

1. Educate Yourself and Others


People who are familiar with the facts about destroying Forests would turn green easier. Try to learn more about it, read books, magazines, web sites, and collect as much information as you can. Then try some of the other tips on this list, but also do not forget to teach others about what you have learnt. Very few people on this planet care about the forests, so you will do a great job if you manage to make someone else care as much as you do.

2. Use Less Paper

Save Forests

Since most paper comes from trees, you can imagine how many Forests have been destroyed for paper production. Try to reduce the use of paper as much as you can or, at least, use recycled paper. Another good option is the tree-free paper, which production takes plants such as kenaf and farmer’s leftovers like corn stalks and what straw. You can read on the package if the paper you buy is tree-free or recycled. If there’s no such mark, then you can be sure that the manufacturer participates in Forests destroying.

3. Use Less Gasoline and Plastics

A large amount of oil comes from the forests through the extraction, so it’s very harmful. Since both gasoline and plastics are made that way, reducing their use can bring good impact to the forests. Using bike instead of car, using reusable aluminum bottles instead of plastic ones, excluding plastic bags from use, are just a few of the ways to save the forests.

4. Eat Less Red Meat

By eating less red meat you will contribute for lower demand for red meat, which leads to saving the forests. Many forests have been destroyed just for turning the land into grass pastures for cows. Just to understand the irrationality of this activity, one hamburger requires destroying of 55 square feet of forests. So, avoiding hamburgers is not just a healthy habit, but also a way to save the forests.

5. Write a Letter to Companies-Destroyers

Many people would be pessimistic about this, due to the opinion that large corporations do not care too much about public opinion, but they might be wrong. They always try to earn and keep good reputation, so reading this kind of letter will make some pressure on them. One letter will not change much, but thousands of letters will certainly make them think a little bit.

6. Fundraise

You can use your creativity and organize some event where you would fundraise for forests. You don’t have to invite Bill Gates, but you can ask your friends to donate one dollar, or maybe five, and then send the money to the organizations that take actions to prevent deforestation. Your $30 is not too much, but if 1000 people send $30 each, then the amount will make a real difference.

7. Buy Locally

Buying locally leads to sustainable economy, but it also prevents deforestation. You can always check if the food that you buy has been produced on forests expense. That’s easier when you buy food produced by local farmers sold in local groceries. Should they stop follow the rules that lead to saving the forests, you can stop buying from them.

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