An average American uses 120 gallons of water per day, which is over 40,000 gallons per year. That’s double compared to average man from the rest of the world, and it’s too much for a world that’s running out of water. Use this simple ways to save water and remember: they all start with you.

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1. Stop leakage from taps. Only a small drip of water can waste about 20 gallons of water per days. Larger drips can waste hundreds.

2. Replace the flush mechanism. The older ones are more prone to leakage and water waste.

3. Take shorter showers. Thirty minutes are just too much for a shower. Less than five minutes should be enough.

4. Install water-saving shower heads. They are inexpensive and will reduce the use of water for showering for several times, even if you still can not quit your long showers.

5. Keep a bottle of drinking water in the fridge. Running water from the tap just to cool off and be good enough for drink is very irresponsible and wastes a lot of water.


6. Designate one glass for drinking water. It will save a lot of washing water for all of the glasses that you could use just for drinking water.

7. Rinse the razor in your sink. Few inches of warm water in the sink will rinse your razor just as good as running water, but it will save your money.

8. Use dishwasher and clothes washer only for fully loads. Using the dishwasher for just a few plates, or using washing only one pair of jeans and one shirt in the same time is ineffective regarding the waste of electric power as well as waste of water.

9. When doing laundry, match the water level with the size of the load. If you can not wait for a full load, at least you can make your laundry more efficient.

10. Don’t clean fruits and vegetables under running water. Use a water pan instead. You will use the same water for all of your fruits and vegetables and they will be ready for eat just as if they were cleaned under running water, but with far less waste.

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11. Don’t waste the dirty water. You can use the water from the previous tip for watering your plants.

12. Implement rainwater harvesting system. Maybe you’ll find it expensive, but it pays off on long term. You will be able to use really big amount of water.

13. Water your garden early in the morning or later in the evening. Temperatures are cooler then, so that will reduce evaporation.

14. Turn off your lawn watering system few minutes earlier. It will mean nothing to your lawn, but it will mean really something to your bills.

15 .Water only when necessary. Many plants die from over-watering than from under-watering.

16. Group plants with similar watering needs. That will make you avoid over-watering some of them, while others remain under-watered.

17. Cool off your kids and water the lawn in the same time. When they want to have fun during hot summer days you can do that on the lawn, so you would Save Water for watering it.

18. Don’t leave the tap open while washing hands, brushing your teeth or shaving. Why should you? You don’t use that water and it goes nowhere. A total waste!

19. Replace your toilet. Of course, if it’s older one. The older use average five gallons of water per flush, while the newer ones use only 1.3 gallons per flush. That’s enough to consider buying a new one.

20. Don’t run a hose while washing your car. Use a pail of soapy water instead. You need the hose only for rinsing.

21. Use waterless car washing system. There are several brands on the market now, so you can choose from the large variety of easy sprays and wipe cleaners for cars.

22. Use a commercial car wash that recycles water. You can only imagine how much water will be saved that way.

23. Teach your children how to save water. Explain them why it is so important to do that and they will also raise their awareness about environment.

24. Share water saving tips with your neighbors and friends. They know some simple ways to Save Water that you don’t, and you know some that they do not know. Keep learning!

25. Make suggestion to your employer about the ways your company can save water. That means cutting costs for the company and will make your boss happy. Also, it protects environment.