Because you enjoyed in our previous post 20 Most Amazing Microscope Shots Pictures
We decided to give you some more interesting microscope pictures .
These snowflake photos were taken by Kenneth Libbrecht of CalTech,  by using a special  snowflake photo microscope.

1.Hexagonal prism

This is a snow crystal in its most basic form. Such crystals are generally so small that is barely visible to the naked eye

2.Stellar plate snowflake

These are fine crystals in the form of plates with six broad arms that form a star shape.

3.Stellar dendrite snowflake

These crystals are quite large, typically 2-4mm in diameter so easily seen with the naked eye. These are the most popular snow crystal, as seen on holiday decorations everywhere

4.fernlike stellar dendrites

This snowflake is stellar dendrites fern – the branches of stellar crystals have so many that seem sidebranches ferns.

These are the largest snow crystals, often fall to earth with a diameter of 5 mm or more

5.Hollow column snowflake

This is a tapered hexagonal column with hollow areas at the ends.

These crystals are very small, so you need a magnifying glass to see clearly the gap regions.

6.Capped column snowflake

These crystals are first converted into stubby columns. Then they are blown into a region of the clouds, where growth becomes plate-shaped.

The result is two thin glass plates as they grow at the ends of a column of ice

7. 12-sided snowflake

This is actually two snowflakes together,these snowflakes are very rare
8.Triangular crystal snowflake

These are formed when the plaques grow as truncated triangles when the temperature is about -2 ° C. These crystals are also very rare
9.Rime crystal

Clouds are made of countless water droplets and sometimes these droplets collide with and stick to snow crystals.
10.Simple prism snowflake

facets of this one are decorated with various indents and ridges.