Many people think that using Recycled Products mean filling the house with old things that should be in the garbage. Fortunately, there are many people and companies that manufacture cool and stylish Products from recycled materials, with which is easy to go green.

1. Vintage Debris iPhone Cases

Recycled Products

With phone cases being among the most popular Recycled Products recently, Breigh Stanfield took her chance to gain popularity. She is creator who recycles various materials and transforms them into cool iPhone cases. This colorful retro case is made from recycled sofa and drape fabrics.

2. Re-light Lampshade


Tactile Interiors, an online eco shop, sells this Re-light lampshade, made mostly from shampoo bottles and other plastics collected from UK households. Don’t forget to put an eco-friendly light bulb in.

3. Nokia Remade


This is not completely recycled cell phone, but it’s very nice to see that big company like Nokia has decided to go green and use reusable materials. On the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in 2008 they presented Nokia Remade, a model that is manufactured mostly by aluminum cans, car tyres and plastic bottles.

4. Recycled Wallet

This wallet is made from old leather belts that have just escaped the bin. The price is high, around $130, but you have to have in mind that buying this kind of wallet will save some animal, which skin would have gone for manufacturing new wallets.

5. Solar Backpacks

These solar backpacks are made from recycled plastics, but their best feature is the mini solar panel which collects solar power when exposed to sunlight. When fully charged, the battery could let you enjoy your favorite music for up to 48 hours, or use your cell phone for 19 hours.

6. Blackdog Stylish Bags

Blackdog is a company that manufactures handmade bags from recycled fabrics. You can even ask their designers to make one especially for you, or send them your old Blackdog bag and they will recycle the materials once again and will redesign it. They’re real eco-friendly company, as they use only green tariff electricity.

7. Recycled Christmas Decorations

You can buy recycled Christmas decorations, but that’s also great way to go green if you create them on your own. Get some friends together and start playing with old paper and plastic bottles! You will definitely create some of the coolest Recycled Products ever.

8. Beer Bottle Solar Power Heater

This is not a real product made from reusable materials by some big manufacturer, but it’s too cool to be avoided. A Chinese farmer has made this solar power heater from 66 beer bottles and few hose pipes, which secures hot shower for three people everyday. His neighbors have been so impressed and have copied his invention.

9. Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Bicyclists usually respect the environment, so they would have been delighted if received this bottle opener as a gift. They would love to open the bottle with this cool product made from recycled bike chains.

10. Suitcase Pet Bed

Pet clothes made from recycled fabrics are not the only thing that could make a pet happy. They often manage to find some nice, soft place to lie down, so this cool recycled suitcase pet bed would make a great asset in their life.