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Butterfly Wings Inspire Scientists to Come Up With Unusual Technologies

The blue iridescent wings of the tropical Morpho butterfly are inspiring a wide array of technologies, according to a recent international research. Several important findings are based on studies of this beautiful butterfly. Designs of modern fabrics, make-up and even displays are influenced by the research of these creatures. A scientist team from the University

Future of Vertical Farming and its Designs

Vertical farming is a solution for growing plants in multistory buildings. Handful of people consider it a bad idea, but the vertical farming industry is constantly on the progress from an fuzy dream to concrete designs, with engineering projects in Sweden and Canada bringing food closer to urban dwellers.                                                                                                     Credits: Plantagon Farmlands might have

Add Extra Range to the Nissan LEAF

With an 80-mile range average, Nissan LEAF owners are look for ways to improve features, charging times and even the performance of their electric car. According to Green Car Reports, the latest hack, available from plug-in hybrid-battery specialists Enginer, aims to increase range with a supplemental lithium-ion battery. With the installation of another battery placed

Incredible World of Transparent Animals

We had a post earlier about amazing transparent frog and it blew our minds. So here are some other transparent animals.                                                            Image: Courtesy of Larry Madin, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Exactly what does It Mean for An Animal to be Translucent? Rather than jumping in to explain what these translucent creatures are doing, I

Hobbit like Homes at Okosamfundet Dyssekilde Denmark

Today, the term “eco village” is tossed around a lot. And whether good or bad, the meaning is far-reaching.                                                                                              image credits Dyssekilde describes eco village as 74 sustainably developed remarkably unique homes and apartment buildings that vary from hobbit style straw bale to high design. This location also includes seven wind turbines, a honestly