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8 Trees That Look Like Humans

Sometimes trees grow in unusual shapes, sometimes these shapes are surprisingly similar to us, humans. Folklore from different cultures often mention talking trees such as ents from Tolkien’s works that interact with humans. It is very possible that stories of anthropomorphic trees were inspired by real trees that are similar to humans by appearance.  

5 Unusal Sea Snakes

Sea snakes inhabit the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean. these animals that have evolved from terrestrial ancestors, and during their adaptation to aquatic lifestyle, almost all species have lost their ability to move on land. However, unlike fish they don’t have gills and have to surface to breathe.

Some of the Biggest and Amazing Canyons

What can we say about river canyons? They surely present us the undeniable proof that nothing can beat rivers when it comes to brute strength. It might take ages, but the rivers will always come on top. Today we will pay our tribute to some of those mind blowing wonders of nature. Tara River Canyon

The Most Traumatic Mating in the Animal Kingdom

When the terms “sex” “mating” or “copulation” are mentioned, those various images and thoughts that flash through our minds are often pleasant and exciting. Unfortunately, for one animal the word ‘pleasant’ is definitely not the case, and in fact the poor female experiences the most traumatic insemination known. The ill-fated victim is the common bedbug

Stones Moving Mysteriously Across the Surface

Racetrack Playa is a dried out lake bed located 3,608 ft above sea level in Death Valley National Park, California. The playa is known as after the “racetracks” left by stones that strangely skid across its surface.                                                                                                                credit: Rebecca Jackrel The Racetrack is mainly covered with hexagonal saucers of dried mud, left after a

5 Most Beautiful Rivers Around the World

Who doesnt like rivers? Well maybe someone doesnt , but we sure do We have compiled for you short  list of  5 most beautiful  rivers  around the world .If yo have suggestion you can write as in comments or contact us here 1.Cano Cristales River – River Of Rainbow, Northern Colombia Cano Cristales River

Hobbit like Homes at Okosamfundet Dyssekilde Denmark

Today, the term “eco village” is tossed around a lot. And whether good or bad, the meaning is far-reaching.                                                                                              image credits Dyssekilde describes eco village as 74 sustainably developed remarkably unique homes and apartment buildings that vary from hobbit style straw bale to high design. This location also includes seven wind turbines, a honestly

What are Coral Reefs and Why are They Important?

World Resources Institute has created an excellent short video that explains what are coral reefs , and precisely why they’re so important, and the dangers we’re posing to their health.                                                                                                           Image Source: USFWS Pacific It’s a amazing introduction towards the variety of issues facing coral reefs and also the range of solutions we have