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8 Reasons to Avoid Bottled Water

Many people still believe that bottled water is better and healthier than tap water believing that it passes through many quality tests before it’s bottled. But that is just a myth. In this article we give you 9 reasons to avoid bottled water. 1. Bad for environment Using vast quantities of fossil fuels and water,

The Mysterious Deepest Lake in the World

The deepest lake in the world is the Baikal lake, with the depth of 1643 meters, though it is suspected that it is even deeper, but no one has ever reached deeper then the above mentioned depth, located in the south of the Russian region of Siberia between the Irkutsk region to the northeast and

Dancing Lady Orchi – Oncidium Orchid Care Tips

The number of orchid species is about four times the number of mammal species, or more than twice the number of bird species. Bulbophyllum, Cattleya , Paphiopedilum (aka Slipper Orchid,), Vanda, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis… there are just too many orchid species that it seems like a mission impossible to tell apart the different species of this

Who Said Money Can’t Grow on Trees? There is Gold in the Veins of Eucalyptus Leaves

Money can’t grow on trees or can it? A recent discovery in Clayton, Australia proves that it is possible to find gold in tree leaves. Gold discovery has significantly dropped over the last ten years, and it is more expensive to find new gold sites. This situation has raised concerns that there wouldn’t be enough