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7 Ancient and Forgotten Civilizations

We have learned in our history classes about ancient civilizations but there are some that we have forgotten and not often mentioned  . So we made article to make tribute to them. 7.Zapotec Civilization Photo credit: Rod Waddington While most people are familiar with the Maya of Mesoamerica and the Aztecs, the people called the

8 Amazing Man-Made Underwater Discoveries

It’s unbelievable what we have discovered buried in the depths of the ocean. Every shipwreck is exciting, but occasionally divers stumble across things with no business being near water in the very first place. From 19th century locomotives to historical cities that formerly resided just through legend, the ocean is an extensive treasure chest full

7 Archaeological Discoveries Because of Global Warming

The withdrawing ice is exposing long-hidden things–many with priceless historical value–that have now been well preserved by the ice for decades, or perhaps thousands of years. But after these things so are subjected to the elements and are released from their icy graves, they quickly disintegrate and vanish. Archaeologists and scientists around the globe are

The Dawn of Animal Domestication

Nowadays it would be hard to imagine the world without domesticated animals. Thanks to them, the mankind could progress to the point where we are now. They have not only been used for labor and as a resource for countless different products, but also as faithful companions. At first animals were used mostly for food

History’s Most Famous Siamese Twins

We occasionally say that a couple are so close that they seem ‘joined at the hip’ – metaphorically speaking, obviously. But imagine this were a reality. (In fact, think about how the term might have developed.) Imagine if a person came from an egg that started to separate into identical twins but got stuck (or,

Remotely Controlled Farmes Prediction from 1931

Over at Smithsonian’s excellent Paleofuture blog, Matt Novak finds a idea of the future of farming predicted in the time of great depression.                                                                                                           image credits Matt Novak writes: “The March 1931 issue of The Country Gentleman magazine included this advertisement for Timken bearings. With the bold headline “100 YEARS AHEAD” the ad promises that the farmer

Abandoned Hell Island in Croatia – Goli Island

1949th year, in response to the Cominform resolution and increasing the chances of war with the USSR, the Communist Party of Yugoslavia established a “working administratively punished men / women socially useful work” on the island Goli, with the intention to isolate Stalin’s supporters on a remote island where, in the event of Soviet attack

The Largest Greenhouse in the World – The Eden Project

It’s a dream come true – a magical story of how restoration can transform an exhausted site into the world’s largest captive rainforest and greenhouse, showcasing plants which have changed the world, connects culture and communities and has even been called the 8th wonder. Image Credits: Stuart Herbert The 21st century will provide enormous challenges