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5 Almost Immortal Animals

The idea of immortality is almost as old as mankind itself. There are countless myths of fountains of youth, mystical elixirs that increase lifespan as well as attempts to create lifestyles that would make one live long, if not forever, but all this is just fantasy, right? It turns out that immortality is possible in

Who Said Money Can’t Grow on Trees? There is Gold in the Veins of Eucalyptus Leaves

Money can’t grow on trees or can it? A recent discovery in Clayton, Australia proves that it is possible to find gold in tree leaves. Gold discovery has significantly dropped over the last ten years, and it is more expensive to find new gold sites. This situation has raised concerns that there wouldn’t be enough

How To Prepare For Urban Explorations

Once in a while we all have an urge for adventures, we crave to see new and exciting places. The most popular tourist objects such as the pyramids in Egypt, the Eiffel tower in Paris, even the small streets of Venice are often crowded with people. In such circumstances it is very hard to feel

Butterfly Wings Inspire Scientists to Come Up With Unusual Technologies

The blue iridescent wings of the tropical Morpho butterfly are inspiring a wide array of technologies, according to a recent international research. Several important findings are based on studies of this beautiful butterfly. Designs of modern fabrics, make-up and even displays are influenced by the research of these creatures. A scientist team from the University

8 Trees That Look Like Humans

Sometimes trees grow in unusual shapes, sometimes these shapes are surprisingly similar to us, humans. Folklore from different cultures often mention talking trees such as ents from Tolkien’s works that interact with humans. It is very possible that stories of anthropomorphic trees were inspired by real trees that are similar to humans by appearance.