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Future of Vertical Farming and its Designs

Vertical farming is a solution for growing plants in multistory buildings. Handful of people consider it a bad idea, but the vertical farming industry is constantly on the progress from an fuzy dream to concrete designs, with engineering projects in Sweden and Canada bringing food closer to urban dwellers.                                                                                                     Credits: Plantagon Farmlands might have

Stones Moving Mysteriously Across the Surface

Racetrack Playa is a dried out lake bed located 3,608 ft above sea level in Death Valley National Park, California. The playa is known as after the “racetracks” left by stones that strangely skid across its surface.                                                                                                                credit: Rebecca Jackrel The Racetrack is mainly covered with hexagonal saucers of dried mud, left after a

Animals You Didn’t Know Are Endangered

On the subject of the Endangered Species List, a few animals stand out as superstars: polar bears, giant pandas, rhinos, snow leopards… However , the list is so big that there are many species you may never have suspected are endangered. Here are some of them. Zebras                                                                                                         image credits An symbol of the African

What if Sharks Become Extinct?

So many people think of sharks as killers, as eating machinery, as brainless attackers of swimmers and surfers. The reality is, however, that sharks are an priceless apex predator in the ocean that have been here for millions upon millions of years, serving the important purpose of keeping oceanic ecosystems in balance.                                                                                                      © Gerald

How Green are Olympic Games in London?

With the beginning ceremony of the London Olympics only one day away, organizers prepare to celebrate what could be the one of the greenest Olympic Games to date.                                                                                                                     credits The Olympic Torch is undoubtedly an important symbol

Hobbit like Homes at Okosamfundet Dyssekilde Denmark

Today, the term “eco village” is tossed around a lot. And whether good or bad, the meaning is far-reaching.                                                                                              image credits Dyssekilde describes eco village as 74 sustainably developed remarkably unique homes and apartment buildings that vary from hobbit style straw bale to high design. This location also includes seven wind turbines, a honestly