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The Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year 2014

2014 Exhibition opens at the Royal Geographical Society, London 23 June – 4 July Launched in 2007 by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM), and sponsored by Atkins, one of the worlds leading design, engineering and project management consultancies, the exhibition is an international showcase for the very best in environmental photography

Unchained: Awesome Dog Sculptures by Nirit Levav

Israeli artist Nirit Levav has made a collection of life-size dog sculptures from recycled bicycle parts, mostly old bicycle chains. The name of the sculpture collection is smart and quite ironical – Unchained. The artist started her career as a fashion designer, but has tried differed paths in art. She has created jewellery, ceramic dishes,

Unique Eco Artist Anna Garforth

The talented British artist Anna Garford creates original and eco-friendly works of art. Anna Garford loves both wilderness and urban areas, both of these passions allow her to create a unique mix of urban eco-art. Almost all of the young artist’s works give a strong message, making the viewers more aware of the environment around them

VHS Tapes and Floppy Disks turned into Art

Absolutely amazing artwork by  Nick Gentry. This British-born artist definitely has a way of making us evaluate our actions. NEXT GENERATION THE IMMORTAL A COLLECTION OF MEMORIES THE ENTITY D2 THE REPRODUCTION NUMBER 3 XCHANGE PROFILE NUMBER 2 ALGORITHM BLUES You can see a lot more of his work over on Flickr.

Cool Sculptures of Animals Made from Recycled Materials

Artist Sean Avery carries a special talent. Converting old tech into fascinating animal sculptures. Making use of old Compact disks together with other recycled materials, the artist designs sculptures which are full of color and texture. Avery states, “I blend many different man made materials together to make them appear strangely organic, with a distinct

The Largest Greenhouse in the World – The Eden Project

It’s a dream come true – a magical story of how restoration can transform an exhausted site into the world’s largest captive rainforest and greenhouse, showcasing plants which have changed the world, connects culture and communities and has even been called the 8th wonder. Image Credits: Stuart Herbert The 21st century will provide enormous challenges

Magical Trash art of Brenard Pras !

image credits French Artist Bernard Pras was born in 1952,  and likes to ‘counterfeit’ old masters and other well-known images by using especially chosen objects from the trash. He takes inspiration from renowned painters like Edvard Munch, Salvador Dali, and Japanese woodcut artist Hiroshige. image credits Another great influence on him was the original artist