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The Heartwarming Story of an Imperfect Dog

Therapy Dog Dropout is Changing The World By Michelle Jansick She has a missing tooth and an occasional limp.  She doesn’t get along with every dog she meets, and sometimes she falls UP the stairs.  Chipper—a 5-year-old rescued mutt with golden fur and soft brown eyes—is far from perfect, but that hasn’t stopped her from

Wolfs Enjoying Watermelons Photos !

The watermelon-wielding wolfS shown here, get much more than merely a bite.They sets their natural instincts and skills to utilize when presented with all the challenge of digging treats from a melon. “Giving the wolves enrichment substances, like watermelons, presents the critters with the possibility to make selections,” Elizabeth Rose, the Wolf Park’s managing director,

Top 10 Most Endangered Species List 2014

The world is full with amazing animals. However, not all species survive during evolution. When population of animals is low, they usually go extinct, although there are some awesome animals that manage to survive by either adopting to the everchanging environment or by migrating to better places. See this endangered species list 2014 to find

It’s No Joke: Laughing Animals

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Not only humans, but also animals can let out a laugh. Many mammals can express their joy chuckling, giggling and laughing out loud and making many other funny noises. Let’s take a closer look at laughing animals. It’s no wonder that primates like gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees show their

Top 10 Smallest Animals in the World

Animals are our little brothers. The fact is that animals come in many shapes and sizes, but some of them are really small. Quite a bunch of them are even invisible to human eye, measured in micrometres, which are fractions of a milimeter. If there are such teeny animals, who knows what animals are yet

A Tiny Bat Flies over the British Channel

There are some truly fantastic voyagers in nature. Cuckoos fly from Northern Europe to central Africa every year. Letherback’s turtle can migrate thousands of miles from their first breeding colony. However, this doesn’t lessen the joy of many conservationists, when they found out that a thumb-sized bat might have crossed the North Sea. The hero

5 Almost Immortal Animals

The idea of immortality is almost as old as mankind itself. There are countless myths of fountains of youth, mystical elixirs that increase lifespan as well as attempts to create lifestyles that would make one live long, if not forever, but all this is just fantasy, right? It turns out that immortality is possible in